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 Testing Rubric

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Testing Rubric Empty
PostSubject: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric EmptyThu Aug 26, 2010 9:36 am

It will just be a regular match to play against an official tester.
You cannot use any exodia, mill, burn, stall, or meta decks.

Match Result: /10

Deck Build: The Tester will rate how you have made your deck. /15

Originality: The Tester will rate you deck on it's originality. /5

Hand/Field Control: The Tester will rate how the player makes effective moves while keeping good hand/field controle. /10

Rulings Knowledge: The Tester will rate the players knowledge with rulings. /10

All together it will be /50 and you must get at least a 30

To get a tester please join the Testing hamachi.
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Testing Rubric
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